Recruitment Privacy Policy

Sony Honda Mobility Inc.
Latest Update: January 8, 2024

This Recruitment Privacy Policy (“Policy”) explains how Sony Honda Mobility Inc. (“we” or “us”) processes personal information of job applicants, potential candidates for employment, and those who participate in our recruiting programs and events (collectively, “you” or “job applicant”).

Who processes your personal information

Sony Honda Mobility Inc.

Please see here for our corporate information including our address and representative persons.

Collection of your information

We collect your information through our recruitment processes and activities directly from you when you provide it to us, from our third-party service providers (including recruitment agencies and recruiting research companies) or from publicly available information (including social networking sites and job posting sites). Such information may include the following:

  • Your name, photographs, date of birth, address, telephone number, email address, gender, educational and work history, qualifications and other skills
  • Current annual salary, desired annual salary, desired work arrangement, job type, work location
  • All information provided by job applicants to us during our recruitment activities in any format, which includes such as resumes, CVs, application documents, entry forms, letters of recommendation and other letters, photographs and videos
  • Your responses to our employment tests and aptitude test results (if applicable)
  • All contents of any form of communication between job applicants and us (including conversations during interviews and meetings, and communications by email, telephone or by any other means)
  • All information about job applicants that we collect for employment screening purposes
  • History of applications and participation in our past recruitment activities and results of past screening processes

Your personal information that we collect may include information that requires special consideration in handling under applicable laws and regulations ("sensitive information"), such as race or ethnicity, medical history and other health information, criminal history, and beliefs. Unless permitted by law, we only collect your sensitive information with your prior consent.

If you provide any personal information relating to another person to us, you are responsible for ensuring that the person identified by the personal information has given you their permission to share their personal information to us.

Processing purposes

We may use and process your information we collect:

  • to evaluate job applicants for employment screening
  • to provide information on various recruitment activities (including recruitment events, seminars, job fairs) and to operate such recruitment activities
  • to contact you regarding recruitment screening
  • to manage information regarding job applicants
  • to improve our recruitment activities and employment screening process
  • to consider and improve efficiency of future recruitment plans and recruitment policies
  • for employment management after recruitment
  • to evaluate suitability for specific work including job assignment
  • for various onboarding process including medical examinations
  • to comply with applicable laws and regulations

Sharing of your information

Except in the following cases or unless permitted by applicable laws, we do not provide your personal information to third parties without your consent:

  • Our service providers:
    We engage third party service providers to the extent necessary for fulfilling the processing purposes set forth in this Policy. In such case, we require these service providers to properly handle your personal information provided by us through contracts, and we exercise necessary and appropriate supervision over their data processing.
  • Business transfer
    If we sell or transfer a portion of or all our business to a third party, your personal information may be transferred by us to the purchasing or acquiring entity as part of the transaction. If we transfer your personal information to a purchasing or acquiring entity upon such transaction, you will be duly informed of that.
  • Joint use
    We may share your personal information as follows:
    • Categories of personal data we share with joint users: Personal information set out in the “Collection of your information” section
    • Joint users: Sony Group Corporation, Sony People Solutions Inc., Honda Motor Co., Ltd., Sony Honda Mobility of America Inc.
    • Purpose of use: Purposes set out in the “Processing purposes” section
    • Responsible entity for management of your personal data: Sony Honda Mobility Inc.

International Data Transfers

Your personal information may be transferred to countries or regions outside your country that do not provide the same level of data protection as that in your country. We will take all reasonable steps to ensure that your personal information is transferred securely and in a manner that complies with applicable data protection laws and this Policy, including entering into an appropriate contract with a data recipient.

Security measures

We have implemented necessary and appropriate security measures to safeguard your personal information which include: establishing internal regulations to prevent loss, alteration or leakage of personal information we collected; appointment of a responsible person in each department that handles personal information; taking security measures in accordance with our internal regulations; providing privacy education to our employees; taking controls to prevent theft and loss of devices that handle personal information; implementing access controls; supervising and monitoring service providers which process personal information for us.

Your rights

You may have the following rights under the conditions and to the extent set out in the applicable laws:

  • Right to be informed of the processing purposes of your personal data
  • Right to access personal data
  • Right to correct, update and delete personal data
  • Right to object to (a) use of personal data and (b) transfer of personal data to third parties
  • Right to request disclosure of records of data transfers

If you would like to exercise your rights set out in this section, please contact . We will respond to your request in accordance with applicable laws.


We reserve the right to change this Policy at any time, without prior notice to you, and any changes of this Policy will be notified to you or published on our website.

Contact information

If you have any questions or comments about our privacy practices or about this Policy, or you wish to exercise your rights described in this Policy, please contact us through the link below.

Sony Honda Mobility Inc.