Prototype 2024

AFEELA,the future mobility that communicates intelligence with you.
It’s latest prototype is here. With highly advanced sensing technology and AI,
it will boldly expand the possibilities of mobility even further.
Revel in the future of mobility as the evolution of AFEELA continues.



Kawanishi is aiming for a Software Defined Vehicle (SDV). What kind of car will be changed by the power of software?

Inner Voice Vol.2【Part 2】 Representative Director, President and COO Izumi Kawanishi's Concept of Cars that Change with Software.

We are a Mobility Tech Company

  • Our purpose, is to move people with the joy of new mobility. we will pursue innovation in mobility.

  • We are seeking talented, highly motivated people from around the world who will share with us the genesis of our company and resonate with our purpose.