How We Work

Purpose and Principles

Sony Honda Mobility is a company with a Purpose of
“Move people, through the pursuit of innovation with diverse inspirations.”
We are a team of people who share this Purpose.

We also share three Principles: "Drive impact“, "Think Boldly about the future” and
“Embrace diversity”. These Principles guide our employees in their daily work, helping
them to work together towards a common goal, even though they have different
backgrounds and perspectives.

We believe that by working together with people who share our Purpose and Principles,
we can create a strong culture that is unique to our company.

Our Purpose

Our Principles

  • Drive
    Embrace learning & a growth mindset

    Take accountability, think customer first

    Biased towards action, persevere till the end, pivot when needed
  • Think Boldly
    about the future
    Challenge the status quo with courage

    Take informed risks

    Fail fast, learn from failures
  • Embrace
    Stay curious

    Be respectful in all your interactions

    Be open and transparent

    Connect and collaborate

Culture & Work

1. Culture

At Sony Honda Mobility, we're a diverse team of professionals including external partners, creators, and developers, who pursue innovation in mobility by engaging with knowledge from around the world. Each team member embraces a venture mindset. We wear multiple hats, stepping outside our comfort zones to tackle challenges that go beyond our individual expertise. Collaboration is key, and employees work autonomously across different projects, taking ownership and initiative to bring their ideas to life. We also believe in fostering an open and flat organizational structure. This allows us to make quick decisions, break down silos, and achieve rapid progress in our work.

Examples of initiatives

- Open Doors to Key Decisions: All employees have unrestricted access to the content and minutes of crucial company-wide meetings.
- Direct Connect with Leadership: Top management regularly hosts planning and technical discussions open to all employees (multiple meetings every week).
- Quarterly All Hands meetings: All hands meetings provide a platform for top management to directly share critical company policies, business updates, and answer questions from employees.

In order to pursue innovative technologies as a "Mobility Tech Company," we focus on planning and developing core technologies and know-how in-house, while dividing labor and collaborating with other companies. In addition, dense interaction is essential for a diverse range of employees to work toward the creation of new value. Sony Honda Mobility has created an environment in which employees from design, business, development, and corporate domains can gather together on one floor at any time, this fosters constant cross-pollination of ideas and breaks down traditional silos. We embrace the power of remote work, but we also prioritize real, face-to-face interaction, fostering a vibrant community where everyone feels heard and valued.

We will continue to achieve internal growth as we engage with a global and diverse group of leading internal and external partners, and remain engaged in cutting-edge activities based on the latest information.

2. Working system & style*

Empowering our people, Sony Honda Mobility embraces flexible work styles, allowing independent professionals to strive to realize our Purpose, while responding to life events.

Discretionary work system/flexible time work system

Depending on the role an employee is assigned, either of two working system will be applied.

- Discretionary work system: This system puts employees’ results in the spotlight. We trust our members to manage the time, schedule, and workload independently, allowing employees to maximize their creativity and skills. How get the job done is up to employees, as long as deliver exceptional outcomes.

- Flexible time work system: As long as meeting the monthly hour requirement (7 hours 45 minutes per day x number of working days), employees are free to structure the working time (when to start and end) to fit their needs. There's no rigid core time, so employees can prioritize peak productivity and personal commitments.

Remote work

Work from anywhere, as long as deliver high performance and handle confidential information responsibly. While building initial relationships at the office is crucial after joining, employees will soon have the flexibility to choose the work environment based on project needs and personal preference. You can consult with your manager and colleagues to determine the best balance. On average, across the company, employees are in the office about 60% of the time (roughly 3 days a week). Please note that full remote work, with no in-person office presence, is not currently supported.

Support for communication expenses

To encourage communication among employees, we provide support for the expenses for social gatherings held by each organization (with caps on annual expenses).

Commuting allowance

We will provide a commuting allowance based on the number of days employees come to work at the office (there are separate regulations, such as monthly limits).

Annual work calendar

Number of days off annually: 125-126 days (Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays). Annual working hours are 7 hours and 45 minutes x number of business days per year.

Paid leave

After the first year of employment, 20 days of paid leaves are granted annually (For the first year, it depends on the month of entry). We encourage employees to use their paid leave, such as by taking off days between national holidays to create long breaks.

Time off during business travel

We allow employees to use paid leave to extend their stay during business travel, whether in Japan or overseas, in order to expand their horizons and experience users' perspectives. (All transportation and lodging costs during such extended stays will be the responsibility of each individual.)

3. Promoting diversity/responding to life events*

As stated in our purpose and principles, we want to promote "diversity" and turn it into a strength. In particular, we have established a system that allows employees to cope with life events such as childcare and nursing care, while continuing their careers. Sony Honda Mobility also treats same-sex partners and common-law partners as spouses, if the required notification has been submitted. This makes them eligible for various types of time off, leaves of absence, and congratulatory/condolence payments.

Shorter working hours (childcare/nursing care)

This system allows employees who are raising children or caring for family members to work shorter hours so that they can continue to support their family while working. The employee can choose to work only a certain number of hours while caring for a child up to 3 years old, or while providing nursing care for up to 3 years.

Various types of time off

In addition to childcare and nursing care, we also offer time off for specific reasons such as fertility treatment. To ensure that employees can take time off with peace of mind, all time off within the stipulated number of days is granted with pay.

<Reasons for granting time off>
- Childcare : Until either the end of April in the following year when the child reaches one year old, or the end of the month when the child reaches one year and two months.
- Nursing care for children : Until the child starts elementary school
- Nursing care : When caring for a relative in need of nursing care
- Treatment of a specific disease : When leave is required for treatment of cancer, stroke, or other illness
- Fertility treatment : When leave is required for fertility treatment

Various types of leave

The following system is also in place in the event that an extended leave of absence is required to deal with life events such as those described above. Leaves of absence are granted without pay.

<Reasons for leave of absence>
- Childcare :Until either the end of April in the following year when the child reaches one year old, or the end of the month when the child reaches one year and two months.
- Childcare at birth : Up to 8 weeks after the birth of a child
- Nursing care : When caring for a relative in need of nursing care
- Fertility treatment
- Other personal injury or illness

Leave of absence for personal study

A leave of absence can be taken for up to two years for graduate school or other studies, if the company recognizes that these studies are applicable to the employee's work in the future.

4. Compensation system: Job grade system and compensation system by job group

Sony Honda Mobility uses a job grade system for employees according to their roles, regardless of age, length of service, or other attributional factors. We also set compensation levels by the job group to recruit the best personnel for each job group.

5. Welfare program*

Sony Honda Mobility supports employees in building financial assets in line with their personal life plans while leveraging the economies of scale of its parent companies, Sony and Honda. We also have a system in place to prepare for contingencies, and are working to create an environment in which employees can work with peace of mind.

Optional defined contribution pension plan

Individuals can contribute a defined amount of money according to their needs, and invest those assets in financial products according to their own wishes, thereby building assets for the future. Various tax deductions and tax-free benefits are available for contributions and investment income on assets. Portability is also ensured for those who have changed jobs, for example, in order to transfer pension assets from their previous employer. * Depending on the design of the retirement plan of the previous employer, the transfer of pension assets might not be possible.

Social health insurance

Sony Honda Mobility is a member of the Sony Health Insurance Society, which provides subsidies for physical examinations, cancer screenings, and dental examinations, as well as its own benefits, such as a 200,000 yen lump-sum childbirth/childcare payment. In addition, the health insurance society allows the use of affiliated fitness clubs, lodging facilities, and other facilities at discounted prices.

Other insurance

Employees can purchase group insurance policies handled by our parent companies, Sony and Honda. Favorable premiums that take advantage of economies of scale are available.

* These HR policies apply to Sony Honda Mobility Inc. (Japan). If you are employed in another country, all regulations and policies will follow your country of employment.