Sony Honda Mobility Announces
Collaboration with Microsoft
to Create a Personal Agent for mobility

SHM + Microsoft

Sony Honda Mobility Inc. (SHM) will exhibit a booth at CES® 2024 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA on Tuesday, January 9, 2024 (local time).
In advance of CES® being opened to the public, Sony’s press conference was held on Monday, January 8 (local time). Representative Director, President and COO Izumi Kawanishi took the stage.
During the press conference, SHM announced a collaboration with Microsoft Corporation. (Head Office: Redmond, Washington, USA; Chairman and Chief Executive Officer: Satya Nadella) in creating a personal agent for mobility. The following is a summary of the announcement of this collaboration at the press conference.


  • SHM aims to revolutionize how people move, making mobility interactive and expressive, redefining the relationship between people and mobility, enhancing “emotional experience”.
  • SHM has also entered into an agreement with Microsoft to develop a conversational personal agent, using Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service.

AI plays an essential role in achieving our goal to redefining the relationship between people and mobility, enhancing emotional user experience. Microsoft is a key partner to provide conversational personal agent. We are pleased to be working with Microsoft to realize our vision.

Izumi Kawanishi
Representative Director, President and COO, Sony Honda Mobility

Generative AI is a new canvas that is amplifying human creativity and creating opportunities for creators and designers to completely transform the in-vehicle experience. We are proud of our collaboration with Sony Honda Mobility and excited to see their innovative use of Azure AI technologies and their ability to build with confidence knowing Microsoft Azure is providing a trusted platform as the AI landscape and mobility industry evolves. As these new technologies come forward, safe and responsible AI will continue to be a top priority for both organizations.

Jessica Hawk
Corporate Vice President
Data, AI, Digital Applications Product Marketing, Microsoft

As a Mobility Tech Company that connects diverse inspirations and pursues cutting-edge technology, Sony Honda Mobility Inc. will realize innovations in mobility that affect people’s sensibilities and behavior.

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