CES® 2023 Latest Report


Sony Honda Mobility is participating in CES 2023, held from Thursday, January 5, 2023 (PST). Prior to the event opening to the public, we unveiled our new brand “AFEELA” on Wednesday, January 4, along with a prototype that demonstrates a new relationship between people and mobility. This report brings you what happened on the show floor.


AFEELA expresses an interactive relationship where people “FEEL” mobility as an intelligent entity, and mobility “FEELs” people and society using sensing and network IT technologies.

AFEELA Prototype

Visitors were impressed by the design of the prototype unveiled along with the new brand’s announcement, but what caught most of the attention was the “Media Bar,” enabling interactive communication between mobility and people. This new-era interface allows intelligent mobility to express itself to surrounding people, creating an interactive relationship even before getting on board.

AFEELA ”Media Bar”

We are holding demonstration sessions so that people can experience our vision of creating a new relationship between people and mobility. Many show visitors have already experienced the new concept of mobility through our sessions. We have received comments such as “It was so cool, I could enjoy great sound system, and I also enjoyed gaming. I really expect it will be very amazing experience inside the car.” from session attendees, who were as excited as we are to see how new mobility will develop. You can also see our user experience concept by watching the following video.

AFEELA demonstration

Enhancing the value of mobility space, we will expand it into entertainment and emotional space. To begin with, we have begun exploring new possibilities in mobility with Epic Games. Kim Libreri, CTO, Epic Games joined us on stage to share his passion on partnering with Sony Honda Mobility, and how he looks forward to co-creating through the new partnership. The challenge of creating new value in mobility services and entertainment has begun.


CES 2023 is being held in Los Angeles until January 8.
Official CES 2023 site: https://www.ces.tech/

Sony Honda Mobility New Brand AFEELA Announced PREV

Sony Honda Mobility New Brand AFEELA Announced
Prototype Unveiled at CES® 2023


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