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Free and comfortable. Moving towards a heart-pounding experience.

A new experience with rich and vibrant colors.
The cabin becomes a place where you will be able to freely express yourself and be filled with joy.
AFEELA will continue to evolve together with you.

Coloring Mobility to Your Taste

Mobility that adapts to your personality and mood. You can express yourself with your favorite movies, games, and designs. You can also customize it as you please, tweaking every detail to make it just like a room of your own.

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Ultimate Entertainment for Your Mobility Experience

You won't want to leave the car, even after reaching your destination. Exquisite music perfect for your mood fills the cabin. Enjoy a recommended movie or game tailored to each scene. The large screen and surround audio for each seat provide a premium immersive experience, transforming mobility into an entertainment space that deeply moves your emotions.

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Hospitality as You Enter

As you enter the car, a series of smart hospitality features await you. As you approach, the door you approached will open. In-car sensors recognize who you are, and on top of adjusting the seat and steering position, it will automatically adjust the sound acoustics according to your physical characteristics. We have taken care in every way to make sure you feel at home in the mobility space.

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Sensing Technology, Always with You

A total of 45 cameras and sensors inside and outside constantly monitor in 360 degrees. This enables natural driving control for safe and secure mobility. We are also developing real-time AR overlay navigation that is both useful and exciting.

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Aiming to Evolve the Mobility Experience

The AFEELA experiences we have shown you are just the beginning. We will move forward as a Mobility Tech Company to connect diverse inspirations and pursue cutting-edge technology, to create mobility that moves people.
By utilizing advanced software technologies, we will evolve the interactive relationship between people and mobility, and drive the creation of emotional mobility experiences with our customers, partners, and creative professionals. Through co-creation with partners, we strive to realize a mobility experience such as Level 3 autonomous driving that is highly reliable and user-friendly, and seamless virtual / real entertainment, bringing an unprecedented emotional experience to the world of mobility.

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This hypothetical content and the prototype vehicle are intended to illustrate our future concepts in the area of mobility.
Prototype specifications are subject to change without notice.